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Design Process

Gwendolyn will design your new outdoor space considering everything from the big picture of how you use and move through your property down to the smallest detail. Through the creative process, you will be shown through various illustrative techniques — which may include plan drawings, photo references, and 3-D animation — what your future space will look like.

The first step is an on-site consultation, where we will discuss all your needs and desires for your outdoor space, and discuss some future possibilities. Depending on your project's specific needs, we will then proceed to go through some or all of the steps listed here. 

Examples below are all from one project.

Scroll over images for arrows; click to enlarge.

"I cannot say enough great things about Gwen! With her exceptional service, attention to detail and creative designs, she does not disappoint. We asked Gwen to design a private oasis with a patio for entertaining and dining. I think the thing that impressed us the most was the whole design process with three unique and completely different concepts (I mean really, other than on TV who does that???) and the way in which she presented them. With the animation, it felt like we were physically in the space. Very cool to say the least. The process has been fun, educational and far exceeded our expectations. Once you meet Gwen you will never look at your outdoor space in the same way."

                                                                  ~ Sue, Wayne, PA

Concept Development



After the initial consultation, Gwendolyn will develop
2 or 3 concepts for your project that will address all your 
wishes, desires, concerns and dreams for your outdoor space. The concepts will vary in structure of hardscaping, landscaping, circulation flow and other elements.

In addition, she provides other visual support that will help you understand what the possibilities are, which may include samples of individual elements, a perspective rendering or a 3-D animation. 

Animation of Concept B.

Master Plan


For the Master Plan, Gwendolyn will take
what you like from the concepts, along with any additional ideas that the concepts inspired, and combine them. At this stage, space uses are defined, the hardscaping elements are resolved and the planting areas are represented in broad categories.

Construction Drawings


Once the Master Plan is approved, Gwendolyn will create technical drawings with dimensions in plan and elevation views for all the hardscaping elements of the design. Your installer will be able to complete the installation from these drawings.

​Planting Plan​

Plants go in after the hardscaping is installed. The planting plan includes all the specific plants and counts and is accompanied with a detailed plant list. Your installer will be able to complete the installation from these two documents.

Gwendolyn also provides photo references for each plant used in the design as well as a perspective rendering of one view to give you
an idea of what your outdoor space will look like when the plants are installed. 

​Construction Oversight​


If you like, Gwendolyn will meet with your installers to discuss the design before they begin. She will check in at key points during
the installation and report to you directly on the progress.

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